Navigating Island Life: How a Nutrition Coach Can Help You Stay Healthy Amidst Challenges

May 1, 2024

Living on an island has its unique charms—beautiful scenery, a tight-knit community, and a more relaxed pace of life. However, it also comes with certain challenges, especially when it comes to nutrition. Inconsistent food choices, limited access to certain products, and higher food costs can make it difficult to maintain a healthy diet. This is where a nutrition coach can be your best ally. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why you should consider hiring a nutrition coach in Kona to navigate these island-specific challenges, and highlight an exciting offer to get you started on your journey to better health.

Understanding Island Challenges

Island living can be unpredictable, with restaurants opening and closing frequently and certain foods not always available. The cost of food can also be significantly higher than on the mainland, making it harder to maintain a varied and balanced diet. A nutrition coach understands these challenges and can help you develop a practical approach to eating well despite them.

Expert Guidance for a Balanced Diet

When you’re dealing with limited food choices, it’s crucial to ensure you’re getting the right nutrients. A nutrition coach on the Big Island can guide you in selecting foods that provide a balanced diet, even when options are limited. They can help you understand which local foods offer the best nutritional value and how to incorporate them into your meals.

Coping with the Costs of Island Life

Higher food costs can be a significant barrier to eating healthily. A Kona nutrition coach can work with you to create cost-effective meal plans, suggest budget-friendly alternatives, and offer tips on shopping wisely. They can also help you identify local markets and community resources that may offer more affordable options.

Emotional Support in a Close-Knit Community

Living on an island often means being part of a close-knit community, which can be both a blessing and a challenge. A nutrition coach can provide the emotional support you need when social events and gatherings make it hard to stick to your nutrition goals. They can offer strategies for staying on track while still enjoying the social aspects of island life.

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Ella — The Club Kona Nutrition Coach

About Ella!

From Athlete to Advocate: Ella isn’t just another nutritionist—she’s a passionate advocate for holistic health who understands your journey because she’s been on it herself. Her love for sports began early, leading her to excel in Varsity level basketball, soccer and tennis in Kenya, where she was born and raised. It was during her studies for an International Business Degree in Edinburgh, Scotland that strength training sparked a deep interest in the science of what fuels our bodies, including the world of calorie tracking.

A Personal Journey Shapes a Powerful Approach: While Ella initially embraced calorie tracking, her own pursuit of leanness led her to confront the challenges of disordered eating patterns. This experience highlighted the importance of knowledgeable and supportive guidance in achieving healthy, sustainable goals.

Empowered by Experience and Expertise: Determined to guide others away from similar hurdles, Ella embarked on formal education in Nutrition, earning certification as a nutritionist through EIQ Nutrition. Prior to her certification, she had the privilege of working closely for several years with one of the UK’s leading industry specialists as her personal coach, gaining profound insights and honing essential skills that she is now able to use to support her clients effectively too.

Your Personalized Path to Wellness Starts Here: Today, Ella combines her personal journey, professional training, and industry expertise to provide you with the support and guidance you need to achieve your wellness goals in a healthy and sustainable way. You don’t have to sacrifice your well-being to feel your best!

How to Book

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