Welcome to The Club! …Now what?

August 2, 2022

You’ve taken the first step and signed up for a Club membership. Congratulations!

You might be feeling excited, intimidated, or even a little lost. Stepping into a new gym can be intimidating and getting started can feel overwhelming. So here are some commonly asked questions and answers to help you embark on a successful fitness journey.

I don’t know how to use the equipment or do any workouts. How do I get started?

The Club offers introductory Personal Training sessions (at a discounted rate) that will cover circuit machines and muscle groups, as well as proper exercise technique, breathing patterns, and rep cadence. A certified trainer will also help you develop a workout program that is suited to your present level of fitness, particular goals, and will address any injuries or limitations that you may have.

What type of training should I do to lose weight? Gain muscle? Or just be healthy?!

The Club offers a complimentary 30 minute “Starting Point” session that will help “get you started” by evaluating your body composition results, assisting in nutritional guidance and developing a plan of action for a workout routine.

Send us your request to schedule your complementary Starting Point assessment here. No membership required!

I tend to show up for a couple weeks then stop coming, how do I stick with it?

A couple suggestions…

Sign up for group classes! The Club offers a variety of classes to meet all needs and expectations — from gentle aqua aerobics to high intensity spin. Meeting like-minded individuals in class will not only help keep you motivated but also keep you accountable.

Speaking of accountability — “meet me at the bar” has a whole new meaning! Join with a friend for a $200 discount on annual memberships. So, bring your spouse, friend, parent, or local mailman to be a part of your fitness journey.

How often do I need to work out and how much time should I spend?

This depends on your current fitness level, personal fitness goals, and the amount of time you have devoted to working out. The bigger the goal, the more time you will have to spend going after it.

Please keep in mind, The Club has a 2-hour time limitation in the parking lot, so plan accordingly.

I’m severely out of shape. Is there anything that isn’t safe for me to do?

We recommend consulting with your physician before sitting down with a trainer. Most healthy people can begin an exercise routine with no significant risks. However, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor first. Going from passive to active is a significant change. There may be some good reasons based on your health history to go slowly or avoid certain types of exercises to reduce risk of injury.

What do I do when I hit a plateau?

When stagnation sets in, it’s time to look carefully at your overall program and decide what changes need to be made to kickstart progress once again. Sometimes it’s a case of simply adding in more training or adjusting your nutrition.

Another possibility is that your body and mind have adapted to the exercises and types of cardio you have been doing and need a change. This is when we recommend sitting down with a trainer for a complimentary “On Point” session to help assist with getting you back on point!

If you are a current member, email memberservices@theclubkona.com to schedule your “On Point” session today!


You might have some other questions of your own, so please feel free to email us at memberservices@theclubkona.com.

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