The Heart of the Matter

February 2, 2023

Physical activity can be a lifesaver — literally.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., killing nearly 610,000 people every year.

The benefits of a healthy heart for longevity and quality of life are too great to ignore.

As a HealthPartners article on heart health put it, “Simply put, exercise makes your heart stronger and more effective. Like any muscle, the heart gets stronger the more you use it. And when your heart is stronger, it can move more oxygen-rich blood throughout your body, both during exercise and at rest. This increased blood flow contributes to your overall health.”

Don’t miss a beat!

Wondering what kind of exercises help your heart work more efficiently?

Pretty much all exercise improves your heart strength and health. But the fastest way to improve cardiovascular health includes a variety of exercises that work your heart, build muscle tone, and improve flexibility.

Cardio! It gets easier, not heart-er

Aerobic exercise, also known as “cardio” exercise, uses repetitive contraction of large muscle groups to get your heart beating faster and is the most beneficial type of exercise for your cardiovascular system (your heart and blood vessels). Regular cardio workouts can:

  • Strengthen your heart and blood vessels
  • Improve the flow of oxygen throughout your body
  • Lower your blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Reduce your risk for heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and some kinds of cancer


Research shows that riding a bike can reduce your chance of cardiovascular disease while providing a mental boost and other health benefits, so feel free to jump into RPM or Sprint with our amazing instructors, or schedule “The Trip” on your own. Either way, the ride is worth it!


Swimming is a whole-body exercise that improves strength and flexibility while giving your heart a workout. Swimming is also low impact, so it’s a good activity for people with arthritis or joint pain.

New to our pool? We offer aqua classes if you need a little more guidance.

Interval Training

Interval training is a different approach to cardio training, involving continuous transitions between high intensity and moderate intensity workouts of the same activity.

The advantage of interval training is that it can take less time to fit in the amount of heart-healthy exercise you need. That’s because 20 minutes of interval training typically delivers the health benefits of 30 minutes of moderate exercise.

We offer many group and virtual classes that can definitely get your heart pumping!

Strength Training

Growing data shows regularly lifting weights can significantly reduce your risk of heart attack or death related to heart disease. While movements are slow and controlled in weightlifting and resistance training, these activities still give your heart a workout. In fact, strength training can temporarily increase your heart rate and blood pressure levels more than an exercise like jogging.

New to the gym or need new ideas in the strength department? Schedule a complimentary Starting Point with a Personal Trainer here at The Club!


Watching your heart rate is the best way to check if your stroll is intense enough to count as a cardio workout, or you can gauge how your breathing changes with exercise intensity.

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