FitTipster Holiday Pointers

November 9, 2022

Maintaining your health and waistline during the Holidays

No matter what you want to call it…Pumpkin Spice Season, Holiday Season or Flu Season…it’s officially upon us! So, bring on the overly indulgent meals, fufu cocktails, excessive parties, holiday travels and inevitable stress from the financial pressures of gift giving! This all can be an antagonist for staying healthy during any season!

Working in the fitness industry for the past 10 years has given me profound insight and perception — I will lose 30% of my clientele from now till mid-December and gain 50% by January! It is a vicious cycle that is easily preventable. Every year I am asked the same questions regarding the holidays, so I figured “Lets address them once and for all!”

Here are some tips on how to maintain your health and fitness during the holidays.

#1. Show up! No excuses.

We all have excuses of why we can’t work out during the holiday season…time, energy, finances, etc. You will find a way, or you will find an excuse! 30 minutes is better than nothing.

#2. Enjoy in moderation

As an avid foodie, I too like to indulge in just about everything, but with that comes consequences — so choose wisely! Moderation is key! If you are unfamiliar with nutrition or macros in general, I would suggest logging your delicacies in a nutrition app. (MyFitnessPal is free.) You will be unpleasantly surprised at the number of hidden calories consumed in one sitting!

#3. Stay hydrated!

The holiday season alone can be a headache, so don’t let dehydration be another reason. Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day and especially if you are consuming adult beverages more than normal (no judgment).

#4. Stay healthy

Wash your hands, wipe equipment after each use and don’t forget to take your Vitamin C! Spread holiday cheer, not germs. 😊

#5. Stay Consistent

You have worked incredibly hard to get this far, so maintain it. Don’t be part of my 50% that will show up January 1st. ‘New year, new me’ is wonderful, but ‘New year, BETTER me’ is so much sweeter!


Stayed tuned for more tips and tricks from your Club Kona FitTipster!

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