Cycology 101

January 2, 2023

Going in circles CAN get you somewhere!

Road to Happiness

Have you tried a Spin Class here at The Club?

There’s nothing quite like it… intense sweat, muscle pump and an awesome cycling workout from an energetic instructor or Les Mills virtual experience.

Going nowhere fast!

Indoor Cycling relies on both your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. This means you’ll increase both your endurance/stamina and your speed/power while strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscles.

Our Spin Classes, including RPM, Sprint, and The Trip, involve performing bursts of work at max effort followed by short periods of rest. In addition to improving your heart functioning, HIIT can also increase your VO2 max (how much oxygen you can use during exercise) and improve your blood pressure and insulin sensitivity (how responsive your cells are to insulin), according to a 2017 review published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Chain Reaction

Cycling can be a great alternative to high-impact cardio workouts, like running or bodyweight HIIT classes (which tend to involve jumping), because it’s gentle on your joints, tendons, and ligaments. This could be a better option for people who want an intense workout that’s easy on their skeletal system. So, whether you are rehabbing an injury, or just looking to introduce more low-impact activities into your routine, cycling could be your solution. (Of course, if you have a history of injury or pain, check with your doctor first before you start cycling to make sure it’s a safe activity for you.)

Down to the Core

Your legs aren’t the only powerhouses in cycling. Proper cycling form involves engaging the muscles in your torso so you don’t hunch over the handlebars. Cycle often enough and you’ll likely feel these muscles get stronger.

Weapon of Stress Deduction

The benefits of cycling are not just physical—they can provide a mental boost to your day too. Our virtual classes and Club Instructors are bound to give you a true endorphin boost! Yes, that’s the substance that makes you feel so good after a hard workout. The neurotransmitters in your brain ensure lower stress levels, a better immune system, and a good mood! You’re welcome!

Biker Gang

Our Club Kona spin classes are like no other—everyone from the instructor to our Club members are here to encourage and support you! Research shows that group exercise lowers stress and improves emotional well-being while increasing social connectedness and mutual support. And with group exercise, you are more likely to keep up your new habit and keep coming back.

It’s about Time!

From desk to bike to shower you can be done in under an hour having had a fantastic workout. Unable to make a live class? We have 30–45 min spin classes ON Demand. New releases every quarter and new programs added yearly. The Trip is now available!

Ride or Shine

Beat bad weather…just kidding. We live in Hawaii!

Outside weather may not be a deterring factor, but safety and careless drivers can be! Indoor training removes those interruptions and uncontrollable variables, so you can focus solely on completing your workout. If you’re short on time—and who isn’t?—riding indoors can help you squeeze in a training session when you otherwise wouldn’t. What’s more, and as we’ll come on to, the specificity and uninterrupted nature of indoor cycling means you can make big training gains in a relatively short amount of time.

Remember: When In Doubt, Pedal It Out!

– From your FitTipster


Les Mills “The Trip” Now Available on Demand!

THE TRIP™ is a fully immersive workout experience that combines a 40-minute multi-peak cycling workout with a journey through digitally-created worlds. With its cinema-scale screen and sound system, this IMMERSIVE FITNESS™ workout takes motivation and energy output to the next level, burning serious calories.

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